Monday, November 21, 2005


All over the world, people are resisting the war machine, confronting dictatorships, corporate globalization and exploitation, and fighting back against cultural and physical genocide. The U.S. wars in Irag and Afghanistan are the tip of the iceberg. The U.S. has military forces, bases, and operations in the Phillppines and over 130 countries around the globe. This empire props up abusive local regimes and protects the interests of multinational corporations. As police killings here in Benton Harbor, the imprisonment of over 2 million, and the deadly government response to hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama make clear, struggles are going on inside this country as well.

But as the people rise up, they face repression, torture and imprisonment by those who maintain power over them. As a result,in the U.S. itself and in all the countries trying to free themselves from this system of empire, exploitation, and in some cases as prisoners of war. The oppressors want to keep them locked up to silence their voices.

From the Phillippines to Puerto Rico and Palestine, from Iran to Indonesia and occupied northern Ireland, across Africa, Asia and Latin America, and in the industrial countries of the global north community, organizers, trade unionists, student activists,indigenous and landless peasant spokespeople, and resistance fighters have been the targets of death squads, disappearances, torture, and brutal incarceration.

Here in the U.S. too, a whole new generation of detainees, grand jury resisters, and direct action activists are being locked up. They enter prison alongside the freedom fighters and the resisters of the black Liberation, Chicano-Mexicano, Puerto Rican independence, and American Indian movements who were targeted by the government's COINTELPRO counter-insurgency program of assassination, disruption and imprisonment, and are among the longest-held political prisoners in the world. To abandon these political prisoners would be to sell out and undermine our struggle for peace, justice, liberation, and survival. To fight back against the war machine and the evil empire, we must make the demand to free all political prisoners a central aspect of our
on-going struggle.

December 3, 2005 has been declared an international day of solidarity with political prisoners by BANCO and the International League of Peoples' Struggle. This has been taken up by organizations in the Philippines, Ireland, Turkey, Palestine, and many others countries, including here in the United States. We want all political prisoners free.


jim crow said...

Like I said---the ravings of an anarchist.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait til this asshole goes to prison so people don't have to be subjected to his ignorance.

Fred Flinstone

Anonymous said...

Pinkney, why do you continue to rant and rave over this subject. You think the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is not a good thing. Need I remind you of 9-11-01. Terrorists craching planes into buildings and killing thousands of innocent people. Not to mention the million Saddam killed using biological weapons on his own people. You are an idiot, you think you can "stand up" against the U.S. military? All you are doing is speaking of anarchism. You basically want no government, no police and no structure. If you were to get this then you would be sceaming for police help and you wouldn't get it because there wouldn't any cops, not that anyone will help you anyway. You knw they have a term for people like you and it's called treason. Without this government in place you would not be able to say the things you say, and without those fighting and dying overseas you would probably have been executed by now. You need to think about how good you have it and stop complaining about your freedoms. Racism is not as bad as you think it is, you're just mad because you cheated on the recall election and got caught. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.


Anonymous said...

December 1,2005 has been designated as a national day of absence against the war,racism economic injustice, social injustice,to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Rosa Parks refusal to give up her seat on the bus.Great job getting the word out about the racism in Benton Harbor and berrien county.keep up the great work you are doing .It take a man like you to stand up and fight racism.
racist white folk hate a real man like you.We are very proud of you keep fighting.YES, I AM WHITE,


Anonymous said...

Ignorance is BLISS.. Pickney you are a hated man.. Please go to prison and leave all of us alone. You stand for nothing and you think you are a god. You are nothing but a lonely man with nothing better to do then BITCH and COMPLAIN that you are black and that black people are still treated unfair. Look at the world there are tons of black leaders and black people that everyone looks up to. I hope ROT in prison you racist PIECE OF SHIT..

Anonymous said...

I heard Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speak twice recently, once on radio, once on TV. He made some of the same points you're making, Rev. Pinkney. He kept driving home the fact that the most important things going on in our communities and in the world should be making headline news, and many times aren't even reported. At least not by mainstream media. For those people who are interested in finding out the truth, here are a few websites where
actual news is published:

I heard that the Detroit suburb, Ferndale, has started it's own community newspaper, very grassroots, to get the real news out about their community. Kennedy and others believe that the less informed people are, the more hate and racism will thrive. We know that the severe law enforcement/judicial system problems facing BH residents are not reported around the state, so it continues unrestrained.

Anonymous said...



jim crow said...

Hey folks, Ed is on the right path. Let's start by releasing the two BLACK MEN that executed the BLACK FAMILY on Parker St. in BH this spring. Then let's free the the BLACK MAN who set the house on fire on Edwards St. about 5 years ago killing a BLACK FAMILY. Then we can free the BLACK MAN who executed a BLACK FAMILY including a 2 year old baby just a week before the fire.
YES! I have a list of political prisoners that have been railroaded into prison. We could throw a coming out party for them.

If it wasn't for the police and the legal system here those people would still be living in BH doing their deeds.

Maybe Ed and company have it right. Maybe that's the way we're supposed to live. It's the rest of us who are screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Rev Pinkney,Stand against the wiles of satan,stop racism fight racism with all your heart and soul.Banco has the potential of unseating powers that have traditionally kept us divided and poor people at each other` s throats,so that the rich can stay rich and in power.our unity is the death knell of white supremacy and those ,who have a vested interest in white supremacy.You are bring together grassroots movements in Venezuela,Haiti,Benton Harbor,and New Orleans,grassroots people everywhere are mobilizing,thank to you.keep on doing the great work of the lord.
STEVE SMITH Life long Benton Harbor resident.

Anonymous said...

Briefly consider the state of the world`s wealth and proverty;More than 20,000 people die each day from hunger-related disease.The richest three people in the world have assets greater than the combined output of 48 poorest countries.We live in a world where madness passes for normalcy,where the raging logic of the market place leaves ten and hundred of millions of people in dire peril and the gap between the rich and poor grow exponentally daily.Rev Pinkney, This why you are so important to Benton Harbor and to the rest of the world.

Joe Rudman

Anonymous said...

He is important to the world? So he can continue to drive a wedge between the haves and the have nots.

A lot of "haves" spent their lives getting to that point only to have those from which they rise from hate them for it.

Mr. Pinkney fosters the notion that people cannot do better for themselves, that they cannot take advantage of the numerous programs and ideals that can lift them from poverty and into prosperity.

Once he has defeated a person's spirit and convinced them that they can't rise without hurting someone else then they are his to control. Those of us who see through him and post here in hopes of enlightening even one other soul find it hard to see that anyone believes his seemingly mindless drivel. Look at it from the point of view of his believers, they have been told by their "leaders" that they cannot rise in the community and that the "haves" are holding them back, keeping them down. If they give to the community it is only so they can steal in a hidden way.

The ONLY way to get ahead in this world is to either be born into it or work your ass off. I was born into a poor family and worked hard and now own several businesses and never was able to get a bank loan, nor a grant, nor seed money, nothing. Hard work, saving and more hard work.

Anonymous said...

Rev Pinkney those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation ,are men who want crops without plowing the ground.Rev Pinkney, you are a man who has plowed the grounds.Your work is known all over the country, a job well done. THANK YOU!
Kittie Thomas

Anonymous said...

The most potent weapon in the arsenal of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.He understand in order to maintain their hegemony over a people who outnumber their adversary the oppressor and his institutions must eventually attempt to manipulate the thinking of the target group,so the oppressed accepts their oppression as their oppressor, but their benefactors or at the very least invincible.We must first admit,we are at war.Then we admit,who our enemies are and act accordingly.thank you,Rev Pinkney thank you for the work you are involved in,it is a very hard job stay focus God is in the blessing business.
Rev Moore

Anonymous said...

To Rev Pinkney

I read the article in the workers world paper about you.I was disgusted by the behavior of the police,prosecutor and the judge.Will racism,prejudice,hate,and bigotry ever end?
According to the article you have helped to mobilize the black
community in your area.You are fighting the good fight!If my donation is allowed to reach you I hope it aids in your defense.We need you back on the streets.Thank you for all that you do.good luck.


Anonymous said...

To all who post here:

First of all let me start of by saying this, I do not live in St. Joe, I am not a racist, I am white, and I am young.

Everyone I know is from Benton Harbor I live in the community and have since I was 7 (20 now.)

Now all that being said I would appreciate no attacks from either side because: A)I am not taking sides but rather trying my best to offer a un-biased opinion and B)I feel like all these comments seem to be nothing more than a pissing contest between to groups (those that are with BANCO and those that are against it.)

I am having a difficult time trying to make sense of this whole situation. Everyone one here are supposed to be adults and no seems to have anything better to say to one another then "Your wrong and I'm right."

This blog is doing nothing more than perpetuating/demonstarting the exact problem that our community has which is a lack of understanding.

As I said I am a young white male who has attended BH schools my entire life, during that time I was subjected to all kinds of racism (yes there are racist black people) I was victimized and criticized simply based on the color of my skin.

Now that being said I have also lived in this community for 13 years and have witnessed multiple acts of racsim against black people by whites (including police officers.)

So Pinkney says the whites are trying to hold the blacks down there for the ones in power must go. Did we learn nothing from the riots? Although I don't agree with the means I agree with the message. No, T-Shirt should not have been killed, yes the police should have terminated the chase (in my opinion) but maybe from the police officers point of view they were just doing their jobs. Who really knows what happend that night but the officers and Terrance (who is now dead) so it's easy to say they are lying because no one living can say for 100% sure otherwise. So continuing down this path will do nothing for us.

By pitting rich against poor and white against black we only perpetuate this problem in our community which once again is lack of understanding.

The problem can not be summed up either way simply because their are exceptions on both sides (I am a poor white man who believes in the message.) So you saying rich people and/or white people is just grouping people and sterotyping them just like the white racists do with poor and/or black people.

I am not against Pinkney and I am not against the police I am simply against the biggest cancer in our community which is ignorance and believe me from what I have read there is mass ignorance on both sides of this equation.

If were to take my experinces from school and say that since I was beaten and ridiculed (Honky, Whitey, White Devil, etc,) all black people are evil I would be ignorant. I don't have a racist bone in my body and couldn't because I am not cut like that, my girlfreind is black along with 90 yes 90% of my freinds.

Do I believe on a certain level there is a driving force trying to keep black people as a whole down? Yes I do, but do I believe black people can rise up? Yes

What most people from other areas fail to realize is although any black person in Benton Harbor has a chance of living their dream through hard work, it's difficult to see that when everyone around you who is succesful has gotten that way by dishonest means. Could you imagine living life where you could see nothing but desolation and despair and still beleivng there is something better. It's kind of hard when you can't see it and when you do see it, it's a white person maybe from St. Joe maybe who never worked for it a day in his life. Is that fair Hell NO but neither is blaming an enire race or class of people for your problems (that goes for blacks and whites, rich and poor.)


End of story.

That goes to both sides who say they are trying but if you really are trying to be part of the solution then why are you here quiveling about these problems instead of on our streets talking to the young men and women of our community and showing them hope.


This is ridiculous you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

To BANCO and to all those who come here to do nothing more than ridicule BANCO, GROW UP YOUR ALL PART OF THE PROBLEM which once again is lack of understanding.

If BANCO would take the time to see the other side and if the other side would take the time to see BANCO's side we wouldn't have this problem.

I haven't read anyone here say BH is a scum town that must die. So shouldn't that tell you if your here your here because you care about our community and that goes for everybody.

Both sides are saying the same thing but just don't understand each other and it's sad.

I have so much more to say but I feel like I am only wasting my breath. Until all of you so called adults can grow up this whole thing is an exercise in feutility.

If you want to hear more comment back (nicley becasue once again attacks only further our sad state of affairs.) and let me know, I hope someone out there feels me otherwise there is no hop for us.

-Fed Up

Anonymous said...

To our young people ,we ,who are your elders,owe you the deepest apology because we the vietnam war generation,should have known better.we the civil rights generation should have known better.we the generation who paid back the last huge American deficit,should have known better.we the children of the children of the great depression should have known better.

The fact is ,we do know better ,but we do know better ,but we have refused to act upon our knowledge and our experience.Some of us are living above our means and we have blown our household `s budget by a staggering amount ,even though we know we can`t cut tax,war and decreasing employment without ultimately paying a high cost.

We owe you an opolgy for pretending that the most important things in life are cars, house,clothes,jewels,electronic gadgets and other things;for not teaching you the words integrity,honesty and charity by living them everyday;for not protecting you from sexuaul abuse,domestic violence,racism,and hate,sometime even in your home ,schools and churches;for not leaving you a cleaner ,more sustainable environment and jobs with dignity and worth;or not leaving you a society where healthcare is a right ,not a benefit ,and where every american is covered.

we offer you an opology.Maybe you will forgive us and maybe together we can join hands to change this world ,one step at a time ,one person at a time.Rev Pinkney;it is a honor to meet a real man like are heading in the right direction.keep the faith God is with you.i am a life time resident of benton harbor.we need more people just like you.

Bernice Powell Jackson

Anonymous said...

Rev Pinkney ;living under the rule of others has brought much misunderstaning,much not knowing and many theories that have been used in many places and the people has taken the theories that have been used in many places.A theory is not true until it has been proved to be true.We today 6,000 years from the beginning of this world ,are disputing with one another on who is and what is what.
But the wisest step taken, was by God.That you love one another ,as I have loved you.There is to much greedyness in the world today by one group of people.The bible states the first shall be last and the last shall be first.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank Bernice Powell Jackson for writing those thoughtful words. (You can scroll up to read what she wrote.) Being an older person, I have had similar thoughts many times. How did the world get into this awful quagmire on so many fronts? You're right, we need to join with and support the younger generations to repair and rebuild to create the kind of world that really is possible.

Maybe if we begin thinking in terms of corporations being in control of almost every aspect of our lives, it could lead us to some answers and solutions.... Just a thought. Another way to say it is: follow the money.

Greed has caused our leaders to allow media to become gov. controlled; no minimum wage raise in decades; our food to become genetically engineered and put on grocery shelves when Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and others will not allow the stuff inside their borders; scientific research to be controlled by corporations (results are corrupt); corporations to make huge profits, not pay taxes, and have off-shore hidden accounts; give very large tax breaks - money WE have paid in taxes - to corporations who are making millions and billions in our country - this is called corporate welfare; allow predatory lending practices to flourish; shut down bankruptcy when the overwhelming majority of people who used the option did so because of necessary treatments for cancer and other illnesses that they could ill-afford; allow medical care to fall into disrepair so that soon only the wealthy will get proper treatment; allow corporate franchises who donated to the republican and demoratic parties move in anywhere they wished and flourish causing locally owned businesses and downtowns to die (WalMart, Target, Home Depot, and a relatively small number of others); Halliburton and some other giant, absurdly rich corporations to have NO-BID contracts for building in Iraq, New Orleans, wherever they wish; pass laws such as NAFTA, the weakening of anti-trust policies, and others which gave many, many companies the ability to outsource their work to foreign countries and downsize here - 30,000 more jobs just last week gone from the auto industry, and it will keep happening; allow our weapons and military industries (Dow Chemical in Midland for one....) to arm most of the countries of the world - even those fighting each other - the world is now at a point where serious thought needs to be put into how to cleanse the land in various parts of the world to rid it of landmines, bombs, chemicals, etc.; allow the US to imprison more people than any country and use these prisons for slave labor - google on "corporate prisons"...; spend our gov. money (OUR taxes) on war and things mentioned above so that our roads cannot be repaired, schools cannot be improved, teachers don't get paid nearly what they deserve; etc.; promote MEAPS tests - standardized tests - designed to help public schools fail so that schools can become privatized with the idea that profit can be made; move towards privatizing as many things as possible (more profit for corporations); it goes on and on...

They need to keep us scrambling for money and scared in order to keep us in the dark, and it's working. If you're working 2-3 jobs or are homeless, chances are you're not going to have the time or energy to be researching for the truth.

We need to figure out how to get out of this giant mess being perpetrated on the world almost entirely by the US "government".

One helpful thing to do I guess is to spread the word. Most Americans don't know this is all going on.... I'm sure people will reply here stating they believe this to be all lies. They are misinformed. Unfortunately, none of the true news is at our fingertips.

Thanks again Ms. Jackson.

Anonymous said...