Saturday, September 03, 2005

Support Rev. Pinkney Tuesday, Sep. 6

As one middle aged woman said at the last Benton Harbor Community Forum, "We can't allow them to lay their hands on Rev. Pinkney. He's the only person in my lifetime who has stood up for the people of Benton Harbor against racial profiling and police brutality."


Let's show that Michigan activists care about civil rights in Benton Harbor. If you can, bring a clip board with the name of your organization in large print on the back, and take notes during the hearing. This is Rev. Pinkney's last chance for a fair trial - a hearing to disqualify all Berrien County prosecutors.

9am, Sept. 6
Berrien County Courthouse
811 Port St.
St. Joseph, MI
I-94, exit 33

(At this time Pinkney is in the New Orleans area. He drove 3 others from Benton Harbor down to aid the rescue effort. Of course he'll return for the hearing on Tuesday.)


Anonymous said...

Police Brutality. Who are you. You have not one clue do you. Show me one record of a cop that brutalized someone...

Anonymous said...

No one should go to his trial. He is at court for a reason and that is he is a felon. Should he even be out of state. the hurricane victims do not need to hear Pickney go over there and tell them crap. Or is he going there because he also wants to loot and riot like the others. Oh there is free stuff there and he can get it. We all know that he caused people here a lot of headache and the people there have suffered enough and do not need to hear pickney there telling them that the reason they are in distress is becuase white people are bringing them down,,,

Anonymous said...

I guess the anonymouus letters are going unanwered due to the fact that they are all true and that you have finally realized that this is a racist biast site that provoctes violence and hatered towards all people especially police.. Thanks for listening..