Friday, July 15, 2005


On August 19 at 9am in Berrien County two main questions will be presented before the court. Should head prosecutor James Cherry be disqualified from my trial and, should Mr.Cherry's entire office be disqualified?

Cherry must be disqualified because he has a personal interest in the outcome of this litgation and a personal relationship of animosity with me as the result of an ongoing, open, and widely publicized political disagreement between myself and the Berrien County prosecutors' office.

The way in which prosecutors unlawfully obtain convictions number in the 100`s or 1000`s but some of the specific techniques are so effective and non public that they tend to repeat the same acts. The consequences of over zealous prosecutors like James Cherry are too high (very long prison sentences). Mr.Cherry is in control of all kind of things he shouldn`t be in control of.

Recent Michigan prison stats: 3rd in state spending on corrections, 6th in prison population: over 50k.

The purpose of the over zealous prosecutor is too often the sought-after fame, fortune, power, and political position, but the victims, including virtually everyone in the community are left to pay the bills for wrongful incarceration, excessive criminal proceeding, destroyed family, wrongfully confiscated property depriving a newly-accused defendant of the funds to defend himself/herself. Wrongfully impoverished families requiring government assistance, a loss of skilled workers and loss of voters needed to strike a more just political balance in the country and various other consequences which need to be explored by the press and book authors. It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. Harassing, DISPLAYING bias toward, or having a vendetta against the defendant.

Mr. Cherry, it is dangerous to continue with your conduct.


Anonymous said...

To say that because you have publicly dis-agreed with the judicial system is a reason that you should be granted a chage of venue is silly. If this were true then by this logic all Michigan State courts would also be di qualified as they have upheld many of the "un-just" cases that have been brought before them that originated in Berrien Co.

The position of Judge is an impartial position to be the decider of fact.

Anonymous said...

Rev Pinkney
the community love you.We can always tell the people comments from st joe or berrien county.When it come to comments about blacks in berrien county.

I know intimately, the way in which the so called community in st joe.Has little contempt for those who dare to struggle and win.It is cruel reality learned from the days of Harriet Tubman,relatives and friends,through to Marcus Gravey and his supporters ,on to Martin Luther King and Malcohn x and to those days.YES the people of st joe and berrien county do not recognize and aid great black warriors.We the people of Benton Harbor recognize you and will aid you as a great warrior

until we stand up and manifest,what we say we are nothing,Rev Pinkey you are the man

Anonymous said...

People from St.joe and Berrien Co. do not live in the past. All the people from all over the world live in the future. Did you know that the chief of the station in the CIA is African Amercian. Did you know that there is a Black Superme Court Justice. Look at what you talk about before you write it. There are so many African Americans that people all over idolize that it is not even funny.

The sad fact in this world is that people like yourself and BANCO can not get off the past. Turn the tables what if whites where slaves and the African Americans did all that. Where would your concern be then. All you care about is how blacks get mistreated. What about the poor white people out there that get that as well. They are out there ya know. Or maybe you dont because you only see this world one way. Get with the program and look at reality. Go to the Berrien County Court and sit there for a week and see what goes on cause I have. I have heard 8 times out of 10 people in general that have assaulted police officers or resisted them and most just get attempted and do no jail time. That to me is blasting the cop for doing his job. Again research things before you write them. And also are you a judge or a cop. Cause if you are not and you do not see what they go thru then stop bashing them. I think there jobs are hard enough with out BANCO making it worse.

Look to the future and hold on to what is coming becuase there is no race any more. We are all one and it shall remain that way.

Anonymous said...

So called community in St. Joe?

Wow, that sounds pretty hypocritical to me, coming from a resident of a community in which illegal activity is rampant and maybe 30% of the residents stand up and do what is necessary to curb the violence and crime in the community.

The bottom line, is that you as a person, choose your destination in life. It doesn't matter where you come from; your actions in life dictate what comes OF your life.

Since this is once again being made a black vs. white issue, I would like to state that I know several African Americans who reside or work in St. Joseph and other cities outside of Benton Harbor in Berrien County, who have provided themselves with the necessary tools to succeed, and have succeeded. Like anyone else, those who have succeeded, have worked hard to accomplish their goals in life.

If you make a choice to commit a crime, and live that lifestyle, then you should be held responsible for your actions. This is not the fault of the courts or the police officers in Berrien County, it is the fault of the individuals who make the choice to commit a crime.

I have attended several court sessions in Berrien County, and have observed that in many cases, the SAME individuals are in court repeatedly for the same type of offenses.

In order for any "so called" community to flourish, the residents in that community have to make the choice between right and wrong.

As to Pinkney being compared to the likes of Harriet Tubman, Malcom X, or Martin Luther King, although I give him credit for his persistence, he just does not measure up.

Anonymous said...

I live in Benton Harbor and think Mr. Pinkney is bad for this town. It's not just people in St. Joe that disagree with him. And to the St. Joe defender, believe me, it's much more than 30% of the BH population who do the right thing. Sadly, there's a small minority who causes problems and ruins our reputation to the rest of the area. Mr. Pinkney, you're one of that minority.