Thursday, July 07, 2005


The Supreme Court of the United States, with a stroke of a pen last week effectively rejected one of the most fundamental constitutional freedoms guaranteed to all citizens: the right to own property. We have got to stop them now.
Before this ruling the government could only step in and seize property if it was needed for public projects, road building, parks, and development of public entities such as hospitals.

Today, with the Supreme Court ruling, the government may seize the home, small business, or other private property of one citizen and transfer it to another private citizen if the transfer would boost the community economic development. Simply put, this means your house could be replaced with a shopping mall.

We must fight for our civil rights so that we may continue to celebrate our freedom - or what is left of it. Our parental rights, our civil rights, our human rights are all being stripped away. How much more do we have to lose before the people of this nation will rise up and speak out against the abuse of power over the innocent in Berrien County, in the State of Michigan, in the United States? WE THE PEOPLE MUST STOP THIS NOW !