Sunday, July 24, 2005


After sucking all the blood out of the residents of Benton Harbor, black workers in Nashville were passed over for promotion.
A discrimination lawsuit was filed in Nashville by 15 black employees of the Whirlpool Corporation in LaVergne. The company fostered a racially hostile environment,
The employees say they were passed over for promotion and their complaints to management were brushed to the side. According to the attorney, 12 white employees have come forward to back up the claims. The suit seeks more than 50 millions dollars from a federal jury.
Whirlpool officials deny the claims. The suit was orginally filed in 2003 according to court records, but was suspended while the sides were engaged in mediation.
Whirlpool is a leading manufacturer of major home appliances. The LaVergne plant makes air conditioners, built-in refrigerators, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers.


Anonymous said...

Sucking the life out of Benton Harbor????

Whirlpool is about the only manufacturing employer left in the area.

Not to mention the fact that they have been trying to revitalize the down town as well as donating money hand over fist to the City.

This is insaine. Groups should be trying to keep Whirlpool in Benton Harbor rather then help them choose to take a valued employer south like most every other manufacturer has done.

Stop playing the race card you know there are more factors in this story than you are letting on to.

Anonymous said...

What a joke!! Whirlpool has given more to the City of Benton Harbor then any other business.

They should be commended for their community involvement in an era in which big corporations have moved out of the country to benefit from lower taxes.

Even if the claim by the employees is true, the incident occurred in another state, not to mention a Southern state. Whirlpool has thousands of employees worldwide. I can guarantee you that they are not all racist or predujicial and this issue has nothing to do with Benton Harbor.

This is all about Rev. Pinkney, trying to be the next Jesse Jackson.

Too bad he's more like Michael Jackson, except without the expensive attorneys, so he might actually go to prison.

I, for one, hope he does.

Anonymous said...

mr judge and jury or mr concern citizen,there is many morals outrage being perpetrated today against the people in benton harbor ,white and black. whirlpool has taken land,stolen the rights that is under the city that is used for broadband.if whirlpool move out, many corporation will move this time
whirlpool will not allow any corporation to come and get what they are getting.whirlpool is nothing but blood suckers,whirlpool have sucked the blood out of benton harbor.when will it stop!
benton harbor police department guilty of many cases of police brutality ,doug braggs beaten police thinking he was somebody else,tony veal forced to drop his pants the officer said he wanted to see his penis, out getting milk for his baby,robert dunlap mistaken identiity beaten no reason given.allan taylor forced to pull out his penis by female white police officer these are just a few that are white guys don`t have a clue what is going on in benton harbor all you white guys are doing is just mouthing off get a clue before you write get your facts straight.
one other thing Rev pinkney will not be going to jail, yarbrough and james cherry has a better chance of going to jail than Rev Pinkney get your facts straight please.

Sam atkins

Anonymous said...

Apparently the black workers in Nashville are sucking the blood out of Benton Harbor, at least that's how the first sentence reads. I don't know how they can get away with this, I thought sucking the blood out of Benton Harbor was Whirlpool's job?

They sucked the blood out of those new Habitat homes they sponsored, that's for sure.

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