Thursday, July 21, 2005


The state of Michigan is stealing our children and your family could be next!
Messy house, spankings, poor, vegetarians, disabled, drinkers, overweight, messy kids, unemployed, head lice, gun owners, adult videos, inappropriate clothing, yelling, naked baby pictures, mental problems, religious beliefs, homeless,slow-kids,homeschoolers, being too concerned about your child...
None of these things are crimes. The state will take your child away for any of these reasons.
We must start protecting freedom and families nationwide. Outrage and protest must happen.
We must stop the abuse of child protection laws.
One of the child protection agencie's key incentives for receiving federal dollars is the sheer number of children taken from parents and put into foster care.
Parents are falsely accused 60-80% of the time. Meaning, 20% of the cases are actual child abuse/neglect. The other cases do not warrant the removal of the children, but children are removed from their homes nonetheless.
CPS and the courts conduct trials behind a cloak of secrecy. The workers can commit perjury, defy court orders, used coerced and false and hearsay testimony, and ignore constitutional rights, and still be almost totally unchallenaged. Arrogance is prominent among CPC agencies.
Child protection has become a money making cottage industry. A multi-billion dollar business natinwide.
Our organization is dedicated to advocating for children and familes caught in the mire of the corrupt child protection services industry across the United States.
Our mission is to work for the reform of a broken government system that destroys far more familes than it helps - at an immense cost to the tax payers of this country. It is outright criminal. Our first concern always is for the rights of the child to live in a safe loving home, with his or her biological family.