Saturday, March 05, 2022

EPA will not say Benton Harbor water is safe

Rev. Pinkney states the article below is the first one to mention the important issue of bacteria in the water.  He also said it’s the combination of bacteria and lead which is so dangerous.  It can make people very ill, and can also kill them.  It’s a silent killer - he’s very worried about what’s happening to BH residents.  

Rev. Pinkney brings a wealth of knowledge to the Benton Harbor water crisis having had a chemist for a father.

He said he spoke with the EPA this week and asked pointedly, “Is BHarbor water safe to drink?” They would not answer him, danced around the question.

Pinkney states:

EPA & EGLE need to share water quality data demonstrating that
Benton Harbor water is safe from bacterial contamination in spite of ongoing drinking water violations.

The question is, is Benton Harbor water safe to drink?
The answer is, it is not.


Benton Harbor residents should keep drinking bottled water, 
but EPA says filters work on lead