Friday, March 18, 2022

Corporate Crime Continues in Benton Harbor

 ~Occupy the PGA ~ May 2022, Benton Harbor ~ Details forthcoming~

Greetings to all,

The struggle that has taken place in recent years in Benton Harbor is a case in point, and one that holds a number of lessons for all Americans. The fight in Benton Harbor is a war, not a conflict.  It's a war over whether or not we (and all Americans) will have clean, safe water.  And after many years, it’s still about whether we will continue to live in poverty under the heel of open corporate rule.

The attack on democracy in Benton Harbor shows that the corporate power structure is determined to crush anyone who stands in its way.  It's part of a process under way across America in various forms.

Let's make this struggle a victory for all.  Let's confront not only the corporation destroying Benton Harbor, but all American corporate crime.  Hope to see everyone at Occupy the PGA 2022!
Rev Edward Pinkney