Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Michigan tells majority-Black city not to drink tap water amid lead crisis

...residents and their advocates say that the five-year timetable proposed by Whitmer is too long, and have been pushing for an accelerated pace, citing the speed with which the far-larger city of Newark, New Jersey, has moved to replace its lead pipes; since early 2019, it has removed more than 20,000 service lines. Pinkney has called for the Benton Harbor lines to be replaced in one to two years. “We can’t wait no longer,” Pinkney said.

But only about 100 are slated to be removed by next spring. That means residents will probably have to rely on stopgap measures for the foreseeable future, unless something changes.

“Just think about if your children were living in Benton Harbor – would you allow this?” Pinkney said. “Look at Benton Harbor, and do the right thing.”

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