Saturday, September 18, 2021

Lead In The Water Will Kill you. Benton Harbor need your help to buy bottle water for the community.

What is Lead .... It is a chemical element symbol, symbol Pb, and atomic number 82 on the periodic table. It is heavy metal that is denser than most, with a low melting point and silvery with a bluish tinge in a color that tarnishes to a dull gray. How can Lead affect you?... Exposure to high level of lead can cause the body to develop Anemia, weakness, Kidney and brain damage among other ailments. The higher the Lead level is the worse the effect will be and can cause Death! Did you know ? Lead can cross the placental barrier (transfer from mother to baby in the womb and damage the baby nervous system. What Happen When Lead Enter The Body....... It is distributed throughout organs such as the brain, Kidneys liver, and bones. It is also stored in the teeth, where it can accumulate overtime and remobilized into the blood and can expose a fetus during pregnancy and result in miscarrige and birth defects. How Poisonous is Lead ? It is highly poisonous , as it affects almost every organ in the body, the nervous system is the most affected, and Lead toxicity has the most impact on children. Did You Know ? There are food that is high in Lead, such as imported candies or food from countries such as Mexico that contain dried chili or tamarind, pottery containers, and chapulines (dried grasshoppers) How long do Lead Stay in the body..... ? Once in the body lead travels through the blood to the soft tissue and the half-life of lead varies from 1.5 months to 25-30 years in the bones. Benton Harbor need your help for three years the city has had lead to high to drink as high as 889 parts per billion and the action level is 15ppb.We need bottle water as soon as possible. donate today.