Friday, March 26, 2021

Benton Harbor doesn't want to be the next Flint. It's already worse.

From the article:

"Rev. Edward Pinkney, a civil rights activist who leads the Benton Harbor Community Water Council, said he is concerned about the lead levels.  He said he is glad city officials are taking it seriously, "but it took them a couple of years to get on board and actually want to fight this problem."

"They didn't take it seriously and they weren't telling residents the truth," said Pinkney, whose organization teamed with a testing facitlity to measure lead in the water.

Pinkney said the lead prolem was allowed to "get out of control," but the public is more engaged and demanding action.  This would not have been allowed to happen in nearby St. Joseph, he contended.

"I think that's where race comes into play.  They (St. Joseph) have the resources to do what needs to be done to make sure they have less in their water than everybody else," he said.  "That's the No. 1 issue, resources."