Tuesday, April 28, 2020

23 years old man incarcerated contract COVID-19 from Prison dining hall and die. Part 4

It is not easy right now. Many are expressing self doubt and grappling with how much more of this intensity they can endure as they look around  the crisis for help that keep going ignored. Incarceration was already difficult enough before COVID-19 upended our daily lives. for many this new 'norm' magnified the experience of incarceration tenfold.

one important lesson I have learned is that our perception of every experience can impact the outcome. That 's true even in the case of struggle. When I lay my head down at night I think about my love ones and friends and count my blessings They are what keep me going every day.

I talk to my wife Maria each day and hearing her voice reminds me that I am not along. I also talk to close friends like Tom and Ruth, who help me with important research and keep sharing this experience with the world. They and my wife are the reason you are able to read these writing.

Some how , some way we will marshal the strength necessary to pull through this ordeal together. I refuse to believe otherwise. My hope is that we can all learn valuable lessons and work together to aggressively prevent a recurrence of this horrific experience.

In prison this begin with everyone taking this situation seriously and treating each other humanely , including those tasked with providing health care to those who need it if not, in the words of Van Jones , Executive Director . The Reform Alliance , prison will soon become morgues real talk.

Please continue to keep every incarcerated person and prison staff member infected with COVID-19
in your thoughts and prayers, including their family members . We must remain hopeful for as many of their full recoveries as possible.
Part 4

 Efren Paredes