Wednesday, April 22, 2020

23 Year - old Incarcerated Men Contract COVID -19From Prison dining Hall by Efren Paredes PART TWO

Previous to this A.C.was a frequent visitor near the area, I live in the housing unit. He would often talk to another young person, who live nearby me outside the door to our dorm. When the young person heard A.C. complaint of feeling ill he began distancing himself out of abundance of caution.

For the past week A.C. made repeated attempted to see the health care provide . According to two sources close to him, he made at lease six attempted to receive help from Health Care , and each time he was denied treatment and returned to the housing unit, One time they provided him with aspirins.

A.C. repeatedly complained to custody staff on all three shifts and Health Care staff begging for help. I observed him on two occasion waiting for the phone or Jpay Kiosk standing as he laid his head against the wall. He was repeatedly complaining about experiencing chest pains, headaches and difficulty breathing.

Two night ago, after repeated attempts to seek help from Health Care A.C. was finally tested for Covid 19 and placed in quarantine status awaiting the outcome of the test result and yesterday we learned that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

 A.C. story confirmed what I have been stating since March 21, twenty-six days ago: Covid -19 is alive and well in the Food Service building where the dining hall is located which I have repeatedly written about.

Prior A.C. volunteering in the dining hall he had no contact with people outside the unit, because our yard and dining schedules have been separated from other units. The only contact he had with people who live in other housing unit was during his time working in the dining hall.

The dining hall is the only space in the entire prison, where over 1, 300 people from different housing units interact and have the potential to infect one another. This include both dining hall workers and people from different housing units who eat their meals there.

If any real contact tracing is done in reference to A.C. it will reveal that A.C. contracted Covid-19 from working in the dining hall. An abundance of evidence points to this undeniable fact. Even A.C. himself  , repeatedly told several people this information himself. He didn't begin feeling sick until he started working in the dining hall.

Sadly there are to many A.C.'s  throughout the prison whose bodies are serving as human incubators for the deadly novel Coronavirus and whose persistent pleas for help continues being ignored.

Since my last writing a study released has found the people infected with COVID-19 are most contagious, when they are pre-symptomatic. This new information is further evidence of the need for MDOC staff to take claims by people of early COVID-19 symptoms seriously rather than being dismissive or denying them testing or care