Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Truth is the system in America is a fraud

When I say the system is a fraud. I mean we have the most corrupt system in the world. The court system is rigged especially to destroy Blacks and all other minorities. Judges preside over phony trials , often influenced by corporate interests. Extortion by prosecutors and defense counsel. His or her clients is common and unjust.

The phony courts are a danger to every individual who risks entering Berrien County territory, where I live, is known as one of the most corrupt counties in the world. It is led by evil judges such as Dennis Wiley, Sterling Schrock, Charles LaSata, Art Cotter, and we cannot forget the county prosecutor Mike Sepic.All these individual care about Whirlpool, the largest corporation in the region not the poor. You can easily be the very next victim in Berrien County; the innocent sent to prison for the rest of his life or strapped to a table and put to death or robbed of your life saving by a lawyer who care less about you, but wants all your money. If you are a mother , beware that your child can be taken without a reason and no lawyer even if they wanted to can not protect you and your child, because of the corruption of Berrien County Family Court. The corruption is well hidden by the fake news service of the Herald Palladium newspaper (owned by the wealthy Paxton Family in Kentucky.)

Another part of the corrupt system here is Lakeland Regional Hospital, which has an outstandingly poor record of not caring and serving Black patients and placing thousands of Black lives at risk. The pediatric unit reported there is too many infant deaths yet infant death continue to rise in Berrien County. The problem is nobody really cares about Black babies dying.

Corruption and profit motive facilitates criminal enterprises in the entire country, but it is so common citizens such as a racist jurists like Gail Freehling, interact with government, they add to are part of the corruption.

We are seeing a new level of disaster and tragedy in the country. Most shocking is the mistreatment we see of the poor, the elderly , the women and the children. We see water issues. Water is a human right. It is said you must have clean water. Yet the families of Benton Harbor, Michigan and elsewhere are struggling with the poisoning of their water, our children and elderly are dying. My good friend Claire McClinton from Flint said " what good is it if you can go to the store and get lead free paint and buy lead free gas , but you cannot go home and get lead free water?"

We must stop worshiping profit and start standing up for the people. There are more of us than them.