Thursday, June 06, 2019

Let Look Deeper at the closing of Benton Harbor only High School

Benton Harbor Area School and Governor Whitmer Proposal to close Benton Harbor High School.
Benton Harbor Area School Board is strongly committed to improving education and opportunity for students. And the deeper part of the story is about Money, Land and Jobs. Losing schools and students affects the entire community.

Background Information Source , Michigan Dept of Education website School of choice . Schools Data 2016-2017. www.mischooldata .org/districtSchoolprofiles.

In Michigan most education funds are based on Student Count and Allowance per students for the year2019-20, the allowance is approximately $8000 per student.

Each BH student going to school outside the District take with them $8000 per year in funding which is equivalent to loss of 0.25jobs per-student for adults in the community.

Michigan school of choice Transfer of funds and jobs out of Benton Harbor.

2016 -17  2782 Benton Harbor Area School students attended school outside our District = lost to BHAS.  2782 students times $8000 each =

1632 students attended school outside Benton Harbor, 1150 at local Charter Schools. 1632 outside our community Benton Harbor, 0.25 jobs per student =406 jobs lost in Benton Harbor.

If Governor Whitmer's Plan to close Benton Harbor High School in 2020 proceeds this will increase students out of BHAS to 3400 = total loss of  $ loss of 575 jobs , loss of additional 170 Benton Harbor jobs next year. Job loss includes contracted service such as food service , bus , custodial.

Whirlpool Corporation want this lakefront at all cost of our community.

No Benton Harbor High School No Senior PGA. This is final. .