Saturday, April 13, 2019

We demand justice in Benton Harbor ( People Tribune)

The fight in Benton Harbor is a war, not a conflict. It is about whether Americans will have prosperity and democracy or live in poverty under the heel of corporate rule. We demand justice in Benton Harbor, in Michigan an in all society.

A community is not measured by the size of the buildings going up, but by the prosperity of the people. If the people in the community are hungry, homeless, cloth less, jobless, and our children, our husbands, and our wives are sent to prison without evidence, how can it be said that our community is making progress?

The clergy of our community and political leaders are all about the corporate strings attachment is hindering our people and our community from moving forward in a positive prosperous manner.

The voice of the Black churches in Benton Harbor must not be threatened by Whirlpool Corporation and the powers to be. But of course , a lot of Ministers deliver what I call a watered down sermon. So they do not have to worry about anyone making any complaints against what you are saying or teaching.

It is just hard to believe though that in the year 2019, we have a county in Michigan with an antiquated and racist legal system. It's harder to believe that neither the clergy nor the politicians at the state or national level are taking action to remedy the situation.

I was sitting in court. The Judge Sterling Schrock stated to a white boy age 16, who was 16 years old told his friends , he was going to go into the house and beat his stepfather to death and he beat him and beat him until he was dead. Judge Sterling Schrock stated to the white boy that prison would do you no good. I will sentence you to probation.

On the very same day, a black 16 year-old kid was sentenced for killing a white man, hitting over the head and killing him. Judge Sterling Schrock gave the Black kid life without the possibility of parole, stating that he was a menace to society just because he was black and should never get out of prison. Amazing. 

Almost from the beginning of this country , the powerful have fomented this kind of racial hatred to keep us divided. Today the spreading common poverty gives us an opportunity to foment unity. To do so, we have to act against all injustice.

If we have throw away people and a justice system., which tolerate injustice , our society is doomed to collapse. We cannot have a just society and allow a significant proportion of it to be marginalized. It impacts the quality of life for all of us.

We must stand firmed and stand up for what is right.