Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Whirlpool Corporation continue to contaminate Benton Harbor water supply. We now have the result of the water collected and tested. The water tested we are very concern and immediate action should be taken. The residents must not drink the water.

Rev Pinkney suggested that everyone in Benton Harbor buy a water filter for your home. You should not be drinking this water.The water is so contaminated with such as viruses and bacteria, which come from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, agricultural , livestock operations, wildlife and factories dumping in the water supply.

Inorganic contaminates was found in Benton Harbor water supply, such as salts and metals, which can be naturally occurring or resulting from urban storm water run off , but mainly industrial factories like Whirlpool Corporation discharging oil, gas production mining , farming.

It appear the Whirlpool Corporation is responsible for the contamination of Benton Harbor water supply. Whirlpool Corporation continue to contaminate the water supply in Benton Harbor.

I am speaking calmly as possible, The problem is serious and nobody seen to care. The city of Benton Harbor has gone over 2900 days without access to safe water.  I do not remember when the city of Benton Harbor had safe clean water, This city is control by Whirlpool Corporation and whatever Whirlpool say it is law, kill the residents of Benton Harbor.

The result was Benton Harbor Water supply was contaminated with large amount of Lead, Microbial Inorganic, Pesticides and herbicides, Radioactive and organic chemical.

The contamination have left the city and the children with higher levels of lead than any other community. Benton Harbor residents has no rights to clean and safe water. This is now a moral issue. We must confront this government and the corporation Whirlpool.