Thursday, March 01, 2018

Come out to support Detroit juvenile lifer Charles ('K.K.') Lewis

Friends, please come out to support Detroit juvenile lifer Charles ('K.K.') Lewis at his upcoming court hearing in front of Judge Qiana Lillard TUES. MARCH 6, AT 9 A.M. at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, Rm. 502, 1441 St. Antoine at Gratiot, downtown Detroit, 48226. If you can't attend, please write the Judge at that address or email her at the addresses on the flier in his support.  Lewis has been unjustly incarcerated for 41 years since the age of 17, when he was falsely convicted of killing an off-duty police officer on Detroit's east side. More information is available in the attached flyer, and also in the following story at:

It is particularly crucial that the public and media be present at this hearing. On January 31st, Lewis was blind-sided when a guard called him out to a video hearing at Lakeland Correctional Facility, of which he had received no prior notice from the court or his retained attorney Valerie Burton-Harris. No one except Lillard, Burton-Harris, and the prosecutor were present as Burton-Harris moved to withdraw from his case. During the hearing, Lillard allegedly berated and yelled at Lewis with abandon, and Burton-Harris made statements that others who have attended his hearings would have immediately identified as false.

Lewis is one of 247 juvenile lifers currently still held in Michigan prisons despite two U.S. Supreme Court rulings outlawing juvenile life without parole, Miller v. Alabama (2012) and Montgomery v. Louisiana (2016). The Supreme Court said "only the rarest child" should be sentenced to die in prison." He says he stands for all his brother and sister juvenile lifers, particularly in Michigan, which has the second highest number of juvenile lifers in the U.S. At least 70 percent are Black. Wayne County has the highest number of juvenile lifers in the state, and the highest number being recommended for renewed LWOP, 98 percent of them Black.

written by Diane Bukowski