Thursday, January 11, 2018

Berrien County Sheriff Will Kill You!

 Martell Hadley is a young man who died in custody inside Berrien County Jail in St. Joseph, Michigan under Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey's watch. The Berrien County elected prosecutor, Mike Sepic, a known racist said Martell Hadley hung himself, which was impossible. He only said this to protect the Berrien County Sheriff's Department from a lawsuit after the deputies murdered him.

The people of Benton Harbor have lived in fear, knowing Martell Hadley did not hang himself. This is a 'justified homicide,' once again according to prosecutor Mike Sepic. There is more than enough proof that Martell Hadley was murdered. I know for a fact, he did not hang himself. There is more than enough evidence to support that Martell Hadley did not hang himself, he was not that type. The evidence supports he was murdered by Berrien County Sheriff Department.

Let the truth be told, the Herald Palladium newspaper has refused to cover the story and print the truth.The Herald Palladium is a fascist newspaper with a long history of writing fake news, they have refused to print the truth about the black community. The Herald Palladium is fake news. Martell Hadley died in the custody of the Sheriff's Department, is that not newsworthy? When you have a prosecutor like Mike Sepic, who has no respect for black people or white women who have been sexually assaulted and also believes that sheriff department is above the law, the criminal justice system is totally absent in Berrien County, Michigan.

The Berrien County Sheriff Department, Berrien County courthouse and Berrien County elected commissioners are corrupt and in shambles. We can no longer tolerate this behavior. We must confront this tremendous problem and the white public must stop rushing to the defense of law enforcement. This system can no longer have a free pass to kill men and sexually assault women.  
Rev Edward Pinkney