Sunday, December 17, 2017

Another Whirlpool Puppet Bites the Dust

The Former Benton Harbor Superintendent Leonard Seawood is a thief. That's how Berrien County Assistant Prosecutor Amy Byrd summed up the case in her opening statement to the jury on Tuesday

Several Benton Harbor board members, including president Anthony Jett and Barbara Sistrunk, both Whirlpool puppets, testified against Seawood. Superintendent Seawood came to them with forms requesting payment for unused vacation days. They both said they had no reason to believe Seawood was trying to con them and steal money from the school district. He was entitled to only 5 days.

Anthony Jett and Barbara Sistrunk said they relied on superintendent Seawood and the school district human resources department to know what he was entitled too. Sistrunk had no idea that Superintendent Seawood was trying to defraud the school district and steal money from the students.

The form was changed from 5 to 50 days after it was signed.

Martha Momany, school board president in 2013-2014, put the nail in his coffin when she said she knew about the vacation buyback, but Seawood took several payouts. The buyback provision in Seawood contract is for only 5 days, but she did not recall the number of days allowed. She said she did not recall signing a form authorizing 50 days. She said it was a request for only 5 days when she signed it. Fifty days is what it says now. Momany said I don't believe it said 50 days when I signed the form.

Superintendent Leonard Seawood was working for Whirlpool, instead of the residents of Benton Harbor. He would meet with former Whirlpool CEO Whitwan, one of the most powerful men in Berrien County. Former Superintendent Leonard Seawood thought he was above the law working against the people of Benton Harbor for the blood-sucking Whirlpool corporation. Seawood had a partnership with Whirlpool instead of the poor people in Benton Harbor to miseducate the students of Benton Harbor.  

We must confront Whirlpool, they will use anybody they can to take control of the city of Benton Harbor. 
Rev Edward Pinkney