Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Blind Obedience To a Corrupt Berrien County System Has No Consequences

The blind obedience and the injustice inside of a corrupt system have no consequences in Berrien County. White privilege, law enforcement, the good ole boy system really work in Berrien County. There is no such thing as justice.The lady with the scales of justice no longer exists in Berrien County.

Keegan Oscar Trail, a former sheriff deputy, was forced to resign before he could be arrested and fired. He was allowed to resign before, he could be arrested for improper relationship with a jail inmate and solicitation of a prostitute.

Keegan Trail said, "I resigned because I was upset. I had just been told of my improper relationship with several inmates from the Berrien County jail (Amber Green and Amber Slaughter)." Deputy Trail said, "They gave me no details, of what it was, but I already knew, and they told me a detective would be calling me." I said, "why can't I know now?" He already knew what it was. "That was it, I walked out, I walked out the meeting on administrative leave, for soliciting sex from a prostitute, approximately one hour later. I was so upset, that the sheriff department would come after a sheriff deputy for soliciting sex from a prostitute, a former inmate, and for having sex pictures of an inmate on my cell phone, of Amber Green. I resigned."

Then attorney Marienfeld asked, Keegan Trail "did you ever communicate with Amber Green?" The answer was yes. "How did it come about that you were exchanging messages with Amber Green. "Did you initiate the contact or did she?" Keegan said, "it was me. I picked her up at her home and took her to my home and had sex with the former inmate and took nude pictures with my cell phone." Manienfeld, "But you were a sheriff deputy." "yes..."

Attorney Marienfld said, "I want to switch to Amber Slaughter. Did you know Amber Slaughter when she was an inmate in Berrien County?" "Yes," Keegan Trail.  Did you have sexual intercourse with Amber Slaughter? Keegan Tail, "Yes." The attorney asked Keegan Trail, "Did you initiate plan- did you initiate the text message to meet Amber Slaughter at the Red Roof Inn motel?" Mr. Trail said, yes. Mr. Trail was asked, "Do you recall discussing paying money for sex?" Keegan Trail said yes. She asked, "how much did you have?"  "I believe I said sixty." Attorney, "So you paid sixty dollars for sex?" yes...

Mr.Keegan Oscar Trail was convicted of soliciting sex with a prostitute and given a promotion. He is now with the Berrien County Road Commission. He is still on the Berrien County payroll. He was promoted for initiating contact with female jail inmates and having sex. We do not know how many women may be involved, He should not be working for the county and paid with our tax dollars.

There had long been suspicions that the sheriff department was dirty, had dirty hands with plenty of evidence to support it. There is a problem in this Berrien County, with Bill Wolf running the good ole boy system of corrupt politics.   
Rev. Edward Pinkney