Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Two More Cases of Sexual Torture by Berrien County Deputies

Two more women who were sexually assaulted and sexually tortured while in the Berrien County jail by five Berrien County Sheriff Department deputies have come forward and added to a lawsuit filed last week according to Southfield, Michigan, lawyer Lennox Emanuel. They join five other women whose lawsuit was filed July 24, 2017, Berrien County Court in front of Dennis Wiley.

The county case includes two deputies named in the federal case and three new deputies, who work at the jail. Sheriff Paul Bailey always covers up for the deputies, because he feels they are above the law. Bailey said all three are still employed and will continue to be.

Of the three sheriff deputies who were named in the federal cases, two resigned and one was fired, but no arrest, no charges have been filed against the law enforcement officers.

A Federal lawsuit was also filed on April of 2016 by ten other women, who were assaulted and tortured in by Berrien County deputies. They are being represented by a different attorney. The federal lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial July 23, 2018, and will be heard by former Berrien County judge, Paul Maloney, a very dishonest judge, in my opinion.

Berrien County prosecutor Mike Sepic said in an e-mail that he has not been asked to review any of the sexual assaults and sexual torture cases. None of the Berrien County deputies are being investigated for sexual assault or sexual torture or any other criminal conduct and will not be investigated.

Attorney Emanuel said almost all of the plaintiffs in both lawsuits are petite, white women, who were struggling with some form of addiction. He said many of the women were afraid to step forward, because they thought they were the only one being harassed and feared retaliation from law enforcement which has a history of retaliation. In some cases, he said the deputies continued to sexually assault, harass, and torture the women even after they were no longer incarcerated.

They are vulnerable white women. The sheriff department has a pattern for decades of sexually assaulting, harassing, and torturing female inmates; nobody has been arrested nobody goes to jail.

The protector, becomes the predator.               

Rev. Edward Pinkney