Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Berrien County, Michigan, is Charlottesville, Virginia, with all the hate!

Berrien County Commissioner, Dave Vollreth, would like to have a statue of Hitler put up. He is acting on the impulse of hatred, completely devoid of humanity. Dave Vollrath represents Coloma Township, Hager Township, and part of Watervliet which are about 99% white.

There are many members of the KKK, Neo-Nazi and White Supremacists who take part in a criminal activity in Berrien County and cover up for one another. Many of these people come to Berrien County meetings every Thursday and are part of the KKK, Neo-Nazi, and the White Supremacists.

This Dave Vollrath is a true racist, here are just a few examples. Dave said "... this black prince attire. I do believe the Sombitch Stole this out of her closet." Why did he have to steal it, because he is black? "She is the first person to get an email from Nigerian Prince and actually receive $20 million dollars."

Dave Vollrath states on Facebook "somebody finally found a job for Rev Al Sharpton, looking crazy, driving Miss Crazy." Dave on his Facebook page has a full page of fat black women protesting and a skinny black man with no meat on his bones, with words coming out of his mouth. "How they got so fat." Then he writes "Annnd they are off, Annnd they're off someone grab a can opener." This is a Berrien County Commissioner talking.

Dave Vollrath, Future Farmer of America, was a war tracker with guns.This is Dave talking, "This is just a thought leaking from my brain to the fingers tapping on the keyboard, but after reading a small headline this morning stating that 850 people remain in a shelter in Louisianna several weeks after flooding in Louisianna left them homeless. They are in the shelter waiting for someone else to come help do something for them." Read that again WTF! Are you kidding me?

"I'm looking for neither praise, nor hate, but come on, there have been people down there helping from day one doing everything they can to help, but you have to get out and do something to get yourself out of there. Whether I was in there alone or had a family of twelve. I would be out of there doing all I can to help myself. starting over from scratch if that was necessary, is this the way we are now?"

"People so coddled and used to being taken care of, that they have no desire, no skills, or ambition to do for themselves. Would you sit around for weeks, with thousands, now down to hundreds of other people waiting for aids? Many people are just too lazy to help them selves."

The Charlottesville, Virginia, and Berrien County,  White supremacists have given the good people and opportunity to come together and confront Berrien  County racist commissioners. Parts 2-3-4-5-6 are coming... 
Rev Edward Pinkney