Friday, August 18, 2017

Berrien County, Michigan, is Charlottesville, Virginia, with all the hate!

There are many members of the KKK, neo-nazi, and white supremacists who take part in violence as criminals and thugs right in our own back yard in Berrien County, Michigan.

The white supremacists are still hanging nooses and burning crosses in Berrien County and the Board of Commissioner's and the Sheriff's Department are leading the charge against our black citizens.

Violence broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, after a loose connection of white supremacist, white nationalist, neo-Nazi's and many others far-right extremists assembled to protest the city's decision to remove a towering statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee. A non-violent, white protestor, Heather Heyer 32,  was killed, when a white supremacist plowed his car into a crowd of peaceful protestors, also injuring twenty other people.

We can not hide from our history of slavery and torture of blacks and the continuing
​ ​
of torture today. The time has come to make clear the difference between properly acknowledging our past and glorifying the darkest chapter of America's racist history.

ConfederatI, Rev Edward Pinkney, personally feel the Gen Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson statues, the Confederate flag, the Confederate monuments should be removed. If we are going to protest these things, we should also protest the American flag. We have caught just as much hell under the American flag as we have  under the Confederate flag and symbols.

The black people in this country have a bigger problem than the Confederate flag and monuments. The real problem is the American people. We must stand together --black, white, brown, red, yellow -- against this racist government. We must confront this racist government city by city, county by county and state by state.

We must stand together!     
Rev Edward Pinkney