Sunday, July 30, 2017

When the Protector Becomes the Predator

Sexual violence at the hands of Berrien County Sheriff's Department has multiplied. This year we have already seen a steady trickle of news stories detailing police sexual harassment, sexual assaults, sexual torture, molestation, rape by the Berrien County sheriff deputies. The question is how far up, does sexual torture go? Does sexual torture reach as high as Sheriff Paul Bailey? Does sexual torture reach County Prosecutor Mike Sepic who refuses to arrest anyone? Does sexual torture reach Judge Dennis Wiley, Judge Scott Schofield, Judge Art Cotter, Judge Charles LaSata, Judge Sterling Schrock?

There are rumors that Sheriff Paul Bailey, may be part of the sexual torture of the women happening inside the Berrien County Sheriff Department. Over 50 women have been involved in the sexual attacks by the sheriff department deputies.

One of the victims said, "I was so terrified." The Berrien County Sheriff's Department is like organized gangster mob.

One of the deputies would drive by my house and flash his lights into my home. He would park on the corner and watch my house.
I could not go to the police in Berrien County. The police will protect and lie for each other and would put information concerning law enforcement about sex crimes under the rug.

When the protector becomes the predator, this is the police violence we are not talking about.  Their job is to serve and protect, not to sexual assault and sexually torture women.

The number one problem is when you have a prosecutor like Mike Sepic, who has no respect for women and also believes that he and the sheriff's department are above the law. In our criminal justice system, justice is totally absent from Berrien County, Michigan

All the sexual assaults and the sexual torture by the Berrien County Sheriff's Department should tell the American people something about the justice system, the people are too brainwashed to see it.The American people rush to the defense of the police and they praise prosecutors for false charges, and give the judges a free pass for sending innocent people to prison.

When the protector becomes the predator, sex offenses, sexual assaults, and sexual torture can multiply. When the sheriff, prosecutor, and judges continue to allow sexist attacks on women, they tolerate wrong doing, ignore citizen complaints and fail to supervise the Berrien County sheriff deputies. The Berrien County Sheriff's Department and the Berrien County Courthouse are in shambles. We must confront the corruption inside Berrien County.