Friday, June 16, 2017

The Herald Palladium Does the Work of Nazi Sympathizers

The Herald Palladium newspaper of Berrien County, Michigan, is an enclave with Nazi roots. The newspaper does the work of Nazi sympathizers. Adolf Hitler would be proud of the fascist, racist attitude of the Herald Palladium newspaper.

The Black community in Benton Harbor has always spoken about the fascist Herald Palladium newspaper. Many people in the community refuse to speak about the Herald Palladium, afraid of retaliation.

I have witnessed and I do recall a groundswell of Nazism, cross burning, noose hanging, and swastikas were commonplace, including on some of the houses in Berrien County and especially in St. Joseph, Three Oaks, New Buffalo, Stevensville, and Union City. Many people declined to speak about the racism and fascism on the record, but those who did dispute the cities were taunted by discrimination, intimidation, hatred, even violent attacks, and in some cases arrested and sent to jail or even prison.

The Herald Palladium newspaper is owned by the Paxton family out of the state of Kentucky. The Paxton family has always condoned fascism and racism. The Herald Palladium openly practiced racism for years. The system was psychological and physical at the same time. The Herald Palladium newspaper is part of the system. The Black people of Benton Harbor, Michigan, were taught discipline by the oppressor, which is the establishment, who operate the system that oppresses the people again and again with the idea of their own inferiority to know their place, to see blackness as a sign of subordination, to be awed by the power of the master to merge their interests.

The Paxton family own the fascist Herald Palladium that is operated by the residents of St. Joseph, Michigan. The newspaper is an arm of the Whirlpool Corporation who are known as poverty pimps. The Paxton family's and the Herald Palladium's hypocrisy has no limits. The newspaper has a large credibility gap. Most people would say the newspaper would not know the truth if it would hit them right in the face.

We must see the evils of fascism, racism, economic exploitation and militarism. The Herald Palladium is leading the charge against the people and all three are tied together and you can't really get rid of one without getting rid of all three. We must confront fascism, racism, and hatred at the same time.