Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thou Shalt Not Kill: When Is it Okay to Kill?

See the interview with Judge Wendell Griffen on Democracy Now!
"Exclusive: Meet the Arkansas Judge Who Faces Impeachment for Protesting Against the Death Penalty"

From KTHV, Little RockThe Arkansas Supreme Court halted the executions of two men originally scheduled to be put to death Monday night, putting another legal roadblock in place in the state's plan to conduct eight lethal injections before its supply of a key drug expires at the end of April.

Justices in a 4-3 decision granted stays Monday afternoon for Don Davis and Bruce Ward. The inmates wanted stays of execution while the U.S. Supreme Court takes up a separate case concerning access to independent mental health experts by defendants. The U.S. high court is set to hold oral arguments on April 24.
KHTVPulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen has issued a temporary restraining order Friday against the state of Arkansas, effectively halting the scheduled executions until further notice.

According to court documents, McKesson Medical-Surgical Incorporated filed the temporary restraining order for an "injuctive relief" and for the state of Arkansas to return its property....

But after issuing the order, Judge Griffen allowed himself to be strapped to a cot during a protest to simulate an inmate being injected. The state high court additionally asked a disciplinary panel to consider whether Griffen violated the judicial code of conduct which could lead to his dismissal as a judge. State prosecutors also contended that Griffen's personal blogs showed bias toward death penalty protesters: "The state plans to use medication designed for treating and healing disease to kill men."

The Bible says, "Thou should not kill." When is it okay to kill another human being?