Monday, May 08, 2017

Rev. Edward Pinkney Speaks on Rustbelt Abolition Radio

Rustbelt Abolition Radio, Ep. 5: Abolition & the Commons

Rustbelt Abolition Radio, a new project based in Michigan, interviewed Rev. Pinkney for its latest episode, out today. Listen and share!

In this episode we explore the relationship between the abolitionist horizon and the defense and reinvention of the commons. We speak with author and historian Peter Linebaugh about the ways the carceral state is founded upon enclosure and dispossession, and about hidden histories of collective resistance.

We also speak with Reverend Edward Pinkney, imprisoned activist and community leader, who discusses his experience of fighting racist enclosure and dispossession in Benton Harbor, and the possibilities for building collective power.

We wrap up the episode with an abolitionist poet who is currently imprisoned at the Women’s Huron Valley Prison in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Her poetry traces a genealogy that moves from the emergence of capitalism as the enclosure of the commons, and passes through the rise of the penitentiary to our present day.