Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Court of Appeals Keeps Rev. Pinkney, Political Prisoner, Behind Bars

Yesterday the Michigan Court of Appeals issued its opinion on Rev. Edward Pinkney's appeal. In short, we lost. Rev. Pinkney will have served his minimum sentence (30 months) in another 10 to 11 months. He is staying strong and his team will appeal and continue to fight this miscarriage of justice.

However, the implications of this decision for each of the rest of us is profound. If you believe you are safe from this kind of judicial and prosecutorial insanity, you have a false sense of security.

Here is Rev. Pinkney's statement in response to the opinion:
We are living in a time when the court system and the prosecutor don't need evidence to send a man to prison. I know they don't have any evidence, because I didn't do it. And the prosecutor knows I didn't do it. You have got to be very, very careful today, because if you take a stand against the system they'll do everything in their power to crush you. Now they can send you to prison and keep you there without evidence. Better keep your eyes and your mind on freedom, and keep freedom on your mind. 
What do you do now? Now that you can be sent to prison with no evidence? What's the next step for you? Now that there is a 100% chance of you being convicted if you are charged, what can you do? What should you do? This is the question I hope we are all asking ourselves.
-Rev. Edward Pinkney, July 27, 2016