Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Correctional Officer Hall slams prisoner’s head through window and CUT HIS THROAT

 The Marquette Branch Prison better known as the Concentration Camp of
America is a place where prisoners are sent from various areas and assembled together for torture. In prison dorm 101, Prisoner Danny Wood was handcuffed,  then attacked and beaten by correctional officer Hall who also slammed his head through a picture window in a show of power that resulted in a Danny Wood’s throat being cut. Now comes the cover up and lies by the Michigan Dept. of Corrections. It is a violation of the law to assault a person with the intent to great bodily harm. Officer Hall’s inhumane treatment of Prisoner Wood represents a violation of MDOC policy# 03.03.130 & his behavior is unbecoming of a State of Michigan employee. Officer Hall should be terminated from his job and arrested with a charge of attempted murder.  
     Prisoners in Marquette prison are frequently treated inhumanely and without dignity. The mental and physical abuse is out of control! When will the people of Michigan confront the injustices of the Prison system? When will the taxpayers say “we’ve had enough” and stop their tax support of this corrupted system. The MDOC turns their head and closes their eyes to the abusive treatment and torture of prisoners that occur in Marquette Branch Prison.
      This was Prison Director Heidi Washington’s and Warden Robert Napel’s plan for me. The tax-payer’s would be shocked to learn of the actions of the MDOC toward me. I have been threatened every single day, never knowing when the next attack would occur.  On May 2, 2016 Director Washington & Warden Napel allowed an attack on me by three uneducated cowards (correction officers) subjecting me to
cruel and unusual treatment. These three MDOC employees (named: Moyle, Haurt  & Schroders) and the prison administration violated policy 03.03.130 by not allowing me to use the bathroom.  They wanted me to use a bathroom that had 2 big signs saying “Broken, do not use except for urination” on it. We have been able to urinate only in this bathroom for months. There was no tissue, nothing that would allow you to defecate in the bathroom.  There are 3 other bathroom for defecation but I was told” if need to use the (other) bathroom you must end your visit.” This was lack of respect for a prisoner who was on a visit. These three employees should have been trained that a prisoner has the right to use the bathroom during a visit.
    The conditions of Marquette prison are that of a concentration camp.
The Michigan Dept. of Corrections, must stop the inhume treatment of all prisoners. The only the taxpayers and family members of prisoners can stop the torture.

From Rev. Pinkney
Marquette Branch Prison
Report on Prison Conditions
Early July 2016