Sunday, June 26, 2016


Less than 48 hours ago, there was a vicious, cowardly attack on prisoner Danny Woods at Marquette Branch Prison. Woods was handcuffed by Correctional Officer Paul and then slammed, head first, through a window! Of course, this cut up his neck! Prisoner Woods had to be taken immediately to the hospital emergency room. 

It seems that Officer Paul told Woods he was writing a misconduct ticket on him. Apparently, when Woods responded that he didn't "care about no ticket," Paul handcuffed him and told Woods he was going in the "hole" (or solitary confinement). Woods responded that he didn't "care about no hole." That's when Paul slammed him, head first, into a window with such brute force that Woods ended up in the emergency room. 

At the hospital, the prison reported that Woods attempted to attack the correctional officer. This cannot be true, and the question is, "Why/how would a handcuffed man attempt to attack an officer?" It doesn't make any sense! Woods has been released from the hospital and is now in Level 5. His fellow inmates have not been informed of his current condition. 
Rev. Edward Pinkney June 26, 2016