Monday, May 30, 2016

Successful Protest on Saturday in Benton Harbor!

I was so glad I attended the PGA protest in Benton Harbor on Saturday.  It was much like past protests of this event.  Dorothy Pinkney, wife of political prisoner Rev. Edward Pinkney, along with 2 friends, did a wonderful organizing job. There were welcoming speeches in front of city hall as people from all over the midwest arrived.   

Following the welcomes was a spirited march through the city with vigorous chanting to “free Pinkney” and in favor of justice over corporations and incarcerations.  The march ended at a corner which had been set up with rows of chairs, tables of water and snacks, and a sound system.  Many people spoke on the need for activists to organize, Pinkney’s unjust treatment by Whirlpool and the Berrien county injustice system, the Flint water crisis and Snyder’s lack of action, Detroit, and many other topics.  

I was proud to be among people who cared so deeply about humanity and the planet.  Photos of the event: