Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Severe mistreatment of Rev. Pinkney by 3 prison guards

May 2, 2016

Dear Ms. Heidi Washington:

My name is Rev. Edward Pinkney (294671). I have written to you on several occasions, requesting an investigation, which never took place.

On May 2, 2016, Warden Robert Napel allowed me to be subjected to inhumane treatment, cruel and unusual punishment, by 3 correctional officers (Kauiz, Moyle and Schrober--the names may not be correct), who were working on 2pm-10pm shift. One female working inside the visiting room, one female who brings the prisoners in for a visit, and a male working with them on May 2, 106 at or about 7:10pm.

The three Michigan Department of Corrections officers violated Policy 03 03 130, inhumane treatment, by not allowing me, prisoner Pinkney 294671, to use the bathroom. All three stated you cannot use the bathroom, if you need to use the bathroom you must end your visit and return to your unit. The correctional officers forced me to urinate and defecate on myself before I could get back to my unit. This was lack of care for the prisoner’s interest and safety. A prisoner has a right not to be subjected to inhumane, cruel unusual treatment.

The three employees should have been trained, or they should have known, a prisoner has a right to use the bathroom facility during a visit. The three state employees were very unprofessional, untrained, they were intimidating, harassing, and threatening me. The male correctional officer (Schrober) got right in my face. They forced me to urinate and defecate on myself.

The Marquette Branch Prison normally gets away with inhumane treatment in violation of policy, because nobody investigates, the grievance system is a fraud. I am requesting a complete investigation once again into this hostile environment. I never know when, where, why or how the attacks will come, but every day they come from MDOC! Director Heidi Washington, you knew I was in a very hostile environment which was life-threatening, and you did nothing to protect me against the MDOC correctional officers working together.

Rev. Edward Pinkney