Tuesday, May 10, 2016

ACLU of Michigan Press Release

ACLU of Michigan Demands Release of Benton Harbor Minister Jailed in Retaliation for Activism

May 10, 2016

DETROIT—The ACLU of Michigan on Wednesday will urge a state appeals court to overturn the conviction of Benton Harbor civil-rights firebrand Rev. Edward Pinkney, arguing that Pinkney was unfairly jailed in retaliation for his activism and political views.

“Clearly, Rev. Pinkney is incarcerated today because his political views are unpopular with those in power in Benton Harbor,” said ACLU of Michigan staff attorney Mark Fancher, who heads the group’s Racial Justice Project and is slated to speak on Pinkney’s behalf.  “This, of course, violates our nation’s most fundamental constitutional principles. Regardless of who does or doesn’t embrace our ideas, we all have the right to participate peacefully in civic life without being marked for revenge by our government.”

The argument comes after the ACLU of Michigan filed a friend-of-the-court brief last year in support of efforts to have Pinkney freed following an election-fraud conviction. Mr. Fancher will present the ACLU’s position during oral argument in addition to Rev. Pinkney’s criminal defense attorney, Timothy Holloway.

The argument is scheduled for 10 am at the State Office Building in Grand Rapids.

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