Saturday, April 09, 2016

Michigan: a state carved up for corporate profit

",,,corporate interests...exist in Benton Harbor with the heavy hand of Whirlpool"

I've been saying RICO for months regarding the #FlintWaterScandal. What becomes crucially important is that Emergency Manager Law is revealed to be a mechanism crafted with intent to remove public grievance processes and standing as tax payers. I've been looking at Snyder's EM Law as it came to be in 2011 and as it went through what many claim  to be an unconstitutional conversion from PA4 (repealed in 2012) to PA436 (signed to law at the end of 2012 under questionable circumstances). Various legal ploys have been used to remove the voice of the people, including making laws referendum-proof through appropriations. Attorney General Bill Schuette violated Michigan Constitution MCL 8.4.1 when he opined that PA11 should be brought back when PA4 was being put to ballot. Every court in Michigan upheld his opinion. 

The ties to corporate interests can be found not only in Flint's water situation, they exist in Benton Harbor with the heavy hand of Whirlpool; Detroit Public Schools / EMA and the pursuit of charter operations with willful sacrifice of public assets in property held; and there are many more connections that RICO investigation needs to unravel and pursue. Flint's water is the bleeding edge bringing needed attention to a state carved up for corporate profit.      

Stephen Boyle, mlive comment