Monday, April 04, 2016

Marquette Prison officer Basal attacks again

A Marquette prison officer has -- this is NOT being made up -- issued a "Misconduct" ticket to me for  having too much legal material.  FOR REAL.

The racism up here is out-of-control.  The attacks on the black prisoners are unprofessional with NOBODY to turn to.

I never know when, where, or how the officers will attack, but I'm still standing. Threatening, harassing, and intimidating are constant.  These officers are gangsters whose job is to torture the prisoners.  They are accountable to no one. Tax payers are kept in fear by the media, so the public attitude is to 'go ahead and lock them up -- do whatever you want, even torture them.  

The saddest irony of all is that it's only the taxpaying citizens that can stop the Michigan Dept. of Corrections.  Human misery up here is enormous.

Rev. Pinkney