Thursday, March 10, 2016

Protest in Lansing at Michigan Department of Corrections March 4, 2016

FRIDAY March 4th, residents from across Michigan gathered in Lansing at the Mich. Dept. of Corrections to protest the wrongful incarceration of ‪#‎RevPinkney‬, and the inhumane treatment of inmates in Michigan.

Many people are incarcerated wrongfully in the state of Michigan. There are innocent people spending YEARS in prison for things they didn't do. People who dared to speak out against a corrupt system targeted.

WE must use our rights as voting citizens to get rid of the crooks in OUR state, "‪#‎PureMichigan‬". And call for an investigation of MDOC. As I see it, MDOC is the Plantation, and the in-mates are nothing more than slaves, providing cheap labor for the corporations that now run them.

Just because a person commits a crime doesn't mean they aren't human! The MDOC needs to know serving people spoiled food, food with rat feces, rat poison, is NOT acceptable!! Less than adequate medical/psych. care, black mold, etc. MUST STOP!!

So we showed up to let Heidi Washington (Director of MDOC) know we aren't pleased, and we will be watching VERY closely.