Saturday, February 20, 2016

We Stand For Integrity, Justice, And Equality, Governor Snyder!

Mark Your Calendars! Our Next Protest for Rev. Pinkney!

When: Friday, March 4th, noon to 1pm

Where: MDOC, 206 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI 48933

Detroit Carpool: Gather at 9:30am at the Moratorium NOW! office, 5920 Second Ave., Detroit, MI 48202. Departing at 10am for MDOC in Lansing.

Snyder stood behind Aramark and even waived the $98,000 fine imposed on Aramark for poisoning inmates in the state prisons in Michigan. The inmates were being fed food laced with rodent feces, maggots, and garbage food. The Aramark contract was 145 million dollars. Aramark employees were having sex with prisoners and giving contraband to the prisoners. Now a new food service called Trinity has the contract--different name, same food service, taxpayers' bill $158 million dollars.

Now the Flint Water Crisis, that was a man-made disaster. The political players of Governor Snyder's team decided to cut off the Detroit water source from Lake Huron in 2014 to use the corrosive, toxic water in Flint supposedly to save money. Because of Michigan government not caring for the poor, Black, and immigrants, this cost could go up to 1 billion dollars or more to fix the water infrastructure. Snyder is responsible for the suffering of the people of Flint, and some resulted in death from Legionnaires Disease. He is responsible for lead poisoning in many children from the corrosion of water pipes by the toxic Flint River, including giving residents lead-tainted water, and other contaminants in the water given to the inmates at Genesee County Jail.

Michigan Department of Corrections Director Heidi Washington, the appointee of Governor Snyder, has failed to improve the quality of life in the state's prisons. The cost of housing Michigan prisoners is 2 billion dollars--who gets the tab? The taxpayers. Prisoners are being locked up in moldy cells, poor quality food, overcrowded conditions, are mentally tortured and physically abused, and there is no adequate medical care for the prisoners. Some inmates have been killed in Michigan state prison. The Black inmates are more than 3/5 of a man, they are human beings, all of them are.

In Marquette prison a political prisoner and civil rights activist resides. His name is Reverend Edward Pinkney. He has done no crime, yet he is doing time in prison. He has made several complaints to MDOC, to no avail, about the conditions in the prison, and the harassment, intimidation, pain, and suffering he has endured in Marquette Branch Prison. Correctional officers were consistently harassing and assaulting inmates, given the ok by Warden Robert Napel. These are the real criminals outside the walls of the jail: Governor Snyder and his political cronies, who need to be in prison for their crimes against humanity.

Free Rev. Pinkney!