Saturday, January 16, 2016

Marquette Branch Prison: If the Tax-Payers Only Knew!

There is a deep understanding among politically conscious activists of the origins of racism in this country, and the role of police in enforcing a racially-biased system of repression, which continued after the Civil War, Reconstruction and down to today. 
In Marquette Branch Prison, better known as the concentration camp of Nazi Germany, prisoners are tortured for any reason at all. I had been tortured. The MDOC director Heidi Washington and Warden Robert Napel have turned the dogs loose on me. The attacks are continuous. This could not happen without the director’s and the warden’s blessing.
Two of the main characters in these vicious cowardly attacks are Correctional Officer Schetter and Correctional Officer Luokkala. The two have partnered up to attack me on several different fronts. This is an egregious abuse of authority. 
Correctional Officer Luokkala is just evil and wicked. She comes to work visibly miserable, very sad. She loves to cause the prisoners discomfort. Corrections Officer Schetter is even worse. He is wicked, evil, worthless. He has been causing extreme pain to prisoners for over twenty-five years. He is a misfit. These are just untrained, unskilled, unprofessional, uneducated and out-of-control Correctional Officers who are unfit for duty.
It is against the law to bring cigarettes or chewing tobacco of any form to the prison, but every single day, the Correctional Officers allow chewing cigarette tobacco on State property. The Correctional Officers bring in cell phones and drugs. There are no checks and balances. So what you have is criminals watching other criminals. The hypocrisy of the MDOC has no limits.
The Department of Corrections has placed me in an extremely hostile environment, which may be life-threatening. This hostile environment could not have been created without Director Heidi Washington’s and the warden’s blessing. Washington knew what would happen when I was placed in this environment. These are rogue Correctional officers, dishonest persons who the administration protects.
Every single day, the Correctional Officers are on the MDOC computer, looking up personal things or using the computer for themselves. I see millions and millions of tax payers’ dollars being misused every single day by the MDOC. The MDOC put the public in fear, which is how they steal money from the tax payers. The hypocrisy of Michigan Department of Corrections has not limits.