Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Rev. Pinkney on Benton Harbor's new mayor

Benton Harbor elected Marcus Muhammad with over 60% of the vote - a land-slide victory for the people.  The former puppet and Whirlpool Race manager, Mayor James Hightower, was easily defeated.

The once stable working class of Benton Harbor was devastated by automation and globalization;  the community began to resist.  The Whirlpool Corp. took over local government so that together they could destroy the people of Benton Harbor.

In the south, the state of South Carolina has always had the most fearful Black population.  In the north, it's Benton Harbor.

Mayor-elect Muhammad says he will work with all residents and businesses to move Benton Harbor forward.  He stated, "With leadership comes great consequences:  I am looking forward to working with the residents."

We must not accept a world where poverty destroys the lives of the weak and vulnerable, including children.  The election shows what a community can do if we work together;  there are more of us than the enemy.