Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Struggle Continues: How You Can Help

Protesters stood in solidarity with Rev. Pinkney and all political prisoners, and made some noise today outside MDOC headquarters in Lansing. Many passersby took flyers and even some people driving by shouted, "Free Pinkney!" Excellent speakers broke down the situation and gave an update on the outrageous harassment Rev. Pinkney has faced in recent weeks at Marquette Branch Prison. After the protest, supporters visited offices of legislators at the state capitol and delivered information on Rev. Pinkney's case.

Rev. Pinkney has had his phone privileges cut, has been falsely accused of infractions and been given tickets, mail from his lawyer has been opened (illegally) before he receives it, he has been harassed and called names by guards, etc. Another prisoner recommended him to give sermons to other inmates, but his assignment was suddenly revoked without explanation. His health has suffered since his transfer to Marquette, exposure to black mold, and exposure to the stress of a situation made hostile and dangerous by prison staff.

Rev. Pinkney asks that we PLEASE KEEP CALLING MDOC officials. See below for details.

Also contact: Rep. Fred Durhal, Jr. 1-517-373-0844, Senator Bert Johnson,-1-517-373-7748, and other state representatives and senators about Rev. Pinkney’s case.

Also, please add your name to the NEW PETITION calling on Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Congressman John Conyers to help secure Rev. Pinkney's release. Help us reach the goal!

Funds are still urgently needed! See PayPal donate button on the upper right corner of this page. Follow this link for details.

Lastly, thank you to East Bay artist and activist Rich Black for his beautiful artwork below. Free Rev. Pinkney!