Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Paxton Family and Dave Holgate Have a Long History of Racist Behavior in News Information!

I have investigated the Paxton family, known for being racist. They are an entrenched banking family in Kentucky with an extreme conservative slant. As for slave ownership, it's not quite clear. Several families we spoke to stated the Paxton family were slave merchants.

The Paxton family have a direct line to Paducah, Kentucky, Mayor William Paxton III who uses Paxton Media Group (PMG) to boost his political power.

The Paxton family owns several newspapers around the country, including the Herald Palladium (St. Joseph, Michigan) which is the author of racism in the surrounding cities.

The central feature of the town seems to be the country club and the golf course around the Paxtons and the Cochoran family.

I think the most likely connection to Whirlpool is David Holgate, who is the publisher for PMG and the Herald Palladium in the Benton Harbor area. David Holgate is following Whirlpool on his LinkedIn. David Holgate is group President at PMG (August 2000 to present). He exhibits racist behavior as a group president currently overseeing 11 dailies and 3 weeklies in Indiana and Michigan. All of these newspapers provide information that is considered racist through print and their digital platforms throughout the market they serve.

David Holgate we believe is married to Gabrielle Holgate, in store marketing manager for Kitchen Aid Brand at Whirlpool Corporation headquarters. It appears Gabrielle may have been given this position for who she may know: her husband and the Paxton family.

This may explain the vicious, cowardly attack on Rev. Pinkney. Dave Holgate, the publisher of the Herald Palladium newspaper, refuses to write the true story about Benton Harbor, home to Harbor Shores, because Whirlpool Corporation does not want you to read it.

Why would any business, which knows what is necessary for a project to succeed, build a project of this size in Benton Harbor unless it was planning to take over the city? Benton Harbor citizens have so many basic needs unmet! The funding that could have helped went to the resort and golf course instead! Did the administration of the city of Benton Harbor make a decision to care for their people or to care for the corporation Whirlpool? Where are all the jobs that Harbor Shores promised to the residents of Benton Harbor? What are the real benefits of the Harbor Shores project to the people of Benton Harbor, Michigan? Whirlpool Corporation's and the Herald Palladium's hypocrisy has no limits.

We must stand together and fight back! The Paxton family friends from Paducah, Kentucky, were among the first to use the PGA Tour Harbor Shores golf course run by Whirlpool/Kitchen Aid before anyone else. I believe there is a connection between Whirlpool and the Herald Palladium. We must stop Whirlpool's destruction of Benton Harbor!

-Rev. Pinkney