Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rev. Pinkney Speaks from Prison: Appeal Bond Denied

The Michigan Court of Appeals panel of judges denied my request to be released on bond, by a vote of 2 to 1. The only thing smellier than the Rio de Janeiro is Berrien County trial court in St. Joseph, as the corruption rolls on.

Let the truth be told, the charges leveled against me are but the latest saga in a ruthless pursuit of the naked corporate rule that is gripping the state of Michigan.

Benton Harbor, home of corporate giant Whirlpool, is a poster child of the rust belt's post-industrial destruction of the manufacturing life we once knew. Benton Harbor is over 90% African American and over 70% of the population lives in poverty. Benton Harbor's rich Lake Michigan beachfront park has been stolen from the people. Benton Harbor was one of the first to experience the warth of an Emergency Manager/dictator. Now more than 17 municipalities and school districts, including Detroit, have been pulled into the mire of dictatorship.

Due to my opposition and outspokenness, I am paying a debt to society which I do not owe with my life, along with my family and my community.

Prosecutor Mike Sepic claimed that because I was so involved with political and community matters, including those far beyond the Hightower recall effort, I was willing to commit illegal acts to promote my political position. That makes no sense at all. Under MRE 404(b) and the Constitution, there was no basis in the case to admit evidence of completely legal political activity to support an allegation of motivation to participate in other activity that is illegal. Prosecutor Sepic's misconduct violated my constitutional right to a fair trial. Evidence does not lie, but prosecutors do.

Berrien County Judge Sterling Schrock ignored the law and evidence during my trial. Judge Schrock and Prosecutor Sepic worked together as a team against me. We must stop the corruption in Berrien County courthouse.

The big question is, how can you send a man to prison with no evidence to convict him, and sleep at night? Evidence does not lie! Judges lie, prosecutors lie, but evidence does not.

-Rev. Pinkney