Saturday, September 05, 2015

Berrien County Trial Court Has No Shame

Will the good white folks please stand up

We are living in the time when judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement take the law into their own hands. It is the killing of a human being with malice in the heart which destroys families and no one holds them accountable for their actions and wrongdoings. Berrien County intentionally sought the destruction of the City of Benton Harbor and other black communities and poor white communities in the county.

Judge Sterling Schrock of Berrien County has no shame. He has no morals; his dereliction of duty and unlawful, dishonest, and improper behavior is outrageous by someone in a position of authority or trust like a trial judge. He should be tried as a criminal and sentenced to prison.

Judge Sterling Schrock intentionally sent me to prison, with no evidence, and he was innocent of all charges. This was a miscarriage of justice, a grossly unfair outcome in the judicial proceedings, when I was convicted by an all white jury motivated by something other than the truth, with unrevealed, deeply-held prejudices.

The prosecutor, Mike Sepic, with all his resources failed to produce any evidence that would have convicted me even if all the evidence presented were legally admissible. The law and the judges are always more favorable to the prosecutor. There was absolutely no evidence that would have convicted me. The prosecutor has home court advantage and the referee, known as the judge, is in his pocket. Yet most people believe justice is blind. How can an all white jury judge a Black man in today's society?

There was not sufficient evidence to satisfy an unprejudiced mind seeking the truth in my case. With vindictiveness, the prosecution singled me out because I exercised my constitutionally protected rights.

Judge Sterling Schrock, with his wrongful intention, without justification or excuse, committed a wrongful and criminal act. Judge Sterling Schrock's reckless disregard of the law and of my legal rights sent me to prison with absolutely no evidence.

The Michigan Constitution of 1963, Article I, states: All political power is inherent in the people, not the government. Government is instituted for the people's equal benefit, security and protection.

I must say, slavery was America's original sin and racism remains its unresolved dilemma. This problem is more than just an unresolved dilemma, most whites live year-round in the 51st state--the state of Denial!

Evidence does not lie, people lie! Judge Sterling Schrock, Prosecutor Mike Sepic, and the all white jury lied!

-Rev. Pinkney