Thursday, July 02, 2015

Prisoner Told to Keep Quiet about Maggots in Prisoner Food

It was a sad day for humankind, and another shameful moment for Michigan, when the prisoner discovered maggots in a vegetable slicer at a Jackson area prison on June 2nd. He told investigators that an Aramark correctional food service supervisor told him to just clean the machine and not say anything about the maggots, according to reports released Thursday under Michigan's Freedom of Information Act.

When the officials at G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility responded, they found over two dozen maggots on a food preparation table. They found Aramark supervisor John Morario in his office at the computer rather than taking charge of the situation.

Prisoner John Doe, which is his real name, not an alias, discovered the maggots in a machine used to cut potatoes and was told to keep quiet. "The prisoners will never know. Use a lot of vinegar."

There were earlier incidents of maggots found in or around the food served to prisoners in several locations. The Aramark Corporation has served food to prisoners with rocks in the mashed potatoes, the sloppy joes have been dropped on the floor and served to prisoners, food has even been thrown in the garbage can and still served to the prisoners.

Still, it's the latest in a series of incidents since Philadelphia-based Aramark replaced about 370 state workers and began a three-year $145 million dollar contract to serve meals to Michigan's 43,000 prisoners in December 2013.

The state fined Aramark $98,000 in March 2014 for food shortage, unauthorized menu substitutions, and over-familiarity between kitchen workers and inmates, and another $200,000 in August after problems persisted.

When will the people of the state of Michigan step up and say ARAMARK MUST GO!