Thursday, June 18, 2015

NAACP: The Poverty Pimps

by Pati

I attended a NAACP meeting last night, against my better judgment. I totally see why Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and so many others had nothing to do with this group. The group is nothing but a poverty pimp that exploits the black community.

I was a member under the leadership of Rev. Edward Pinkney and during the hostile takeover by Whirlpool Corporation, state president Evan White, and national president Ben Jealous.

At last night's meeting, Larry Feldman (a psychiatrist) claimed that Rev. Pinkney was removed because of lack of activity. The only time the Benton Harbor Chapter was active was when Rev. Pinkney was in leadership! The NAACP do not do anything now. They are worthless.

The Vice President Charles Jenning said they (NAACP) must be careful because Whirlpool has been generous enough to provide the building. This blood sucking bullie has done so much damage to Benton Harbor and its people through gentrification.

I would rather hold a meeting at my house than accept anything from Whirlpool. Maybe I am not seeing this right, but this makes about as much sense as a slave asking his master for his wagon to run away. Why would anyone go to Whirlpool for anything?

I left a little early, just could not take the B.S. any more, but I did express my thoughts as I parted, telling them I do not associate with spineless jelly fish who are led by Whirlpool and that all the fence riders weren't for me. I suggested they get a backbone among other things. I will not join or endorse this group ever!