Monday, May 04, 2015

The Paxton family and the Herald Palladium

The Herald Palladium newspaper is the "paper of record" for Berrien County, Michigan, located in St. Joseph, across the infamous bridge from Benton Harbor.  

The Paxton family of Paducah, Kentucky own the HP, and are well known for racism and slavery.  The HP prints racist, one-sided news whenever reporting on the Black residents of Benton Harbor.

The Paxtons built their fortune during slave times.  (Slavery: A situation where a person has absolute power over the life, fortune, and liberty of another; The practice of keeping others in a state of bondage or servitude. Outlawed by the 13th amendment to the US Constitution.)

The Herald Palladium has continued to do it's part in keeping black people in a state of bondage. And many in Berrien County believe all they read in it's dishonest pages.

Slaves have no legal rights or protection.  They may be punished with no limitation.  Masters may treat or mistreat slaves as they wish.  The very same as today in Benton Harbor.

It's up to you, to the people, to make your fellow citizens see the other side of America.  In your great numbers lies great hope.  We must protest the media, especially the media which behaves like the HP in St. Joseph, Michigan.  

We must move from words to deeds and organize against racism! For control by the people and against exploitation.  Racism and exploitation do not exist only in US foreign policy!

The Paxton family are just one of many who made fortunes during slavery have figured out ways to continue modern day slavery.  They are anti-revolutionary, anti-poor, anti-black.  We the people must stand up!

Rev. Edward Pinkney

Coldwater Prison