Friday, May 22, 2015

The Herald Palladium is owned by The Paxton's of Peducak, Kentucky

The Herald Palladium Newspaper, St. Joseph, Michigan was built on the backs of slaves. The Paxton family of Paducak, Kentucky, at the junction of Tennessee and the Ohio river is well known for racism and slavery. The Paxton family, owners of the Herald Palladium newspaper which prints racist, one-sided news about the black residents of Benton Harbor, still believes in slavery. The Paxton's built their fortune during slavery times.  

The word 'slavery' means, a person has absolute power over the life, fortune and liberty of another;  the practice of keeping individuals in such a state of bondage or servitude. Slavery was outlawed by the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution. The Herald Palladium newspaper has continued the practice of keeping black people in such state of bondage or slavery. 

Slavery was a big problem for the Constitution makers, those who profited by it insisted on abolition so a compromise was reached. The words 'slave' and 'slavery' would never be mentioned but the constitution would safeuard the peculiar institution from the abolitionists. 

Slaves are property and can be sold, traded, given away, bequeathed, inherited or exchanged for other things of value. The status of a slave is inheritable usually through the mother, formal legal structures or informal agreements regulate the capture and return of slaves to their owner. Slaves have no legal rights or protection in America. Slaves maybe punished by slave owners with no limitation. 

The slave masters may treat or mistreat slaves as they wish, the very same as today in Benton Harbor

The Herald Palladium hypocrisy has no limits. They would do anything to keep blacks as slaves in Bentom Harbor, Michigan. The Herald Palladium newspaper has no credibility. The Herald Palladium is known as a lying newspaper with no substance and openly practices racism. 

It is up to you, the people, to make your fellow citizens see the other side of America. In great numbers lies great hope. We must protest the news media which acts like the Herald Palladium. We must move from words to deeds. We must organize against racism in our communities. Blacks, poor whites, brown, red, yellow, and all others must began to organize for control by the people and against exploitation. 

Exploitation and racism do not exist only US foreign policy, but right here in the streets of Benton Harbor. The Paxton family of Paducak, Kentucky are just one of many who made their fortune during slavery and continue to practice slavery. 

We the people must stand up and say, No More - Enough is Enough.
Rev. Edward Pinkney

Coldwater Prison