Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Rogue Jury with Gail Freehlng

Hearing on Tuesday April 14 ~ 8:30am

Rev. Edward Pinkney returns to the Berrien County Courthouse, 
811 Port St., St. Joseph, Michigan

Tuesday April 14, 2015 ~ 8:30am
Judge Sterling Shrock presiding

Motion for a new trial based on the violation 
of Pinkney’s rights to impartial jurors

Jury Fixing:  The act or instance of illegally procuring the cooperation of one or more jurors who influence the outcome of a trial.

Rogue Jury:  A jury that ignores the law and evidence in reaching a capricious verdict.

Rogue juries include those that base their verdicts on unrevealed, deeply held prejudices;  on undue racism toward a party.  The verdicts often result in inappropriate punishment, convictions and prison.  A rogue jury’s verdict is not based on a desire to achieve a just, fair, or moral outcome.

Attorney Tat Parish, during my trial on Oct. 23, 2014, specifically asked the jurors, including Gail Freehling during voir dire while she was in the jury box, whether they knew or had connections with either of two important witnesses, Mayor James "the Puppet" Hightower, and the county Clerk Sharon Tyler.  This was around 4:18 in the video.

The jurors were also asked more than once whether they knew or had connections with any of the persons on the witness list (it included Sharon Tyler.)

Juror Freehling said nothing in response to these inquiries, did not honestly respond that she is a Facebook friend of Tyler, and did not state that she has contact with her through the Three Oaks Flag Day Parade (2010 to 2014).

The 2014 parade was held in June, a few months before my trial.  During voir dire the jurors were asked if they knew or had contact or connection with any police officers.  Again, Freehling did not respond.  She did not tell the truth which was that she knew and has had contact with a number of police officers.  Several police officers and law enforcement  officials are at the forefront of the Three Oaks Flag Day Parade.  And, there are a total of 14  law enforcement floats from Berrien County, 8 fire department floats, and 10 floats carrying elected officials.

Freehling is also Facebook friends with the under sheriff’s daughter, Kyra Heit.  She claimed she did not know her.

The jury at my trial was motivated by something other than the pursuit of truth and justice.  If the truth was told, the charges leveled against me in Benton Harbor are but the latest saga in a ruthless pursuit of naked corporate rule that is gripping the state of Michigan.  We must fight back and we will win.  We must say enough is enough!

Rev. Edward Pinkney