Sunday, March 01, 2015

Letter from Dorothy Pinkney, wife of Rev. Edward Pinkney

Dear Judge Schrock: 

It is our constitutional duty as American citizens to hold our elected officials,  especially judges, responsible for their actions, inactions, and wrong doing. 

Judge Schrock, you stated that the jury has spoken, but in my eyes, I witnessed a lynch mob motivated by something other than the truth for justice. 

In The Bible (KVJ) Jesus taught, "if the world hates us, we must know that it hated Him first."  How can an all-white jury find my husband guilty with no evidence against him? 

Even the prosecutor, Mike Sepic, stated in his brief that he did not know what the evidence was, so he had to see the transcript to determine what the jury saw. 

In my opinion and observation, the jury saw only a black man as they disregarded his leadership as a political activist and community leader who speaks out against unrighteousness.  Again, he finds himself dishonored by the Berrien County Justice system. My husband is recognized and respected by The United Nations and around the world.  

Even Jesus, The Son of God said of Himself, " a prophet (servant) is honored every where except in his own country (county) among his own people." (Matthew 13:57)  

My husband has been very active as a civil and human rights leader as well as a spirtual mentor and watchman for the community. He has proivided scholarships, fed the hungry, clothed the naked, and housed the homeless more than Whirlpool has ever done. 

God, The Creator of the heavens and earth, will judge all who judge in unrighteousness according to His Holy Word. So as a judge, I am asking you to do the right thing and overturn this verdict or give my husband an appeal bond. 

Thank you,
Mrs. Dorothy Pinkney 

(The racist judge still denied the motions for direct verdict and appeal bond. The juror motions will be heard on April 14, Berrien County court.)